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Flash Drive as a Super Secure Key Chain, Step by step guide on converting your flash drive into a secure store
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Data breaches happen, and when they do happen they jeopardize millions. The best way to protect yourself from data breaches is limiting the data you share — read our article (below) to know more.

Consider a scenario — you got notified about a data breach from, explaining your email…

The Realities of Digital Privacy | Digital Privacy 101 | Digital Privacy
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I remember the day I discovered activity controls on Google dashboard. To my horror I realized, it knew all about me. What I searched, watched, posted, where I have been, even audio recording from voice searches. The audio recordings freaked me out.

It is not just Google. All governments, big…

ESLint for Noobs
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Lint? 🤯

If you are new to the concept of lint, just take it as a set of best practices (programmatic and stylistic) for code sanity.

Linting helps to reduce the number of errors, improves code quality and accelerates development by finding errors earlier.

🔎 If you want to know how it…


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